Hund & Herrchen Paw Care 50 g

Paw Care

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50 g
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Cremă protectoare pentru lăbuțe

Hund & Herrchen Paw Care

To avoid irritation and cracks on your dog’s paw pads, treat them with a special care balm before going outside.It protects the pet’s skin from moisture and dirt, while also acting as an antiseptic. Nothing will spoil a fun outing now!

Paw Care protects pads and paws specifically against dirt, cold and salt. The finely tuned formula with organic olive oil, organic shea butter and organic calendula activates the natural healing process for cracked paws and cares for blistered feet.

Recommended Use: simply apply to pads before going for a walk.

Care Tips: For callused paws, apply before going to bed and allow to work overnight.

Philosophy: Pets are something that should be cherished, just like the natural world. Hun & Herrchen want to protect our environment and therefore place a high value on sustainability. They therefore produce their products with responsibility, sustainability and environmental awareness in mind and of course, use herbal ingredients from organic farming to conserve our natural resources.

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